Accomodation: Endless Possibilities

Mallorca has a wide, modern range of accommodation: hotels, tourist apartments, holiday homes, rural hotels, farmhouses, hostels, shelters, etc. There are a variety of hotels in terms of categories, location and services. There are comfortable and modern urban hotels, hotels near the beach, rural hotels and farmhouses in ancient "possessions" (rural farms), boutique hotels in Palma (some of these are old converted mansions) and small boutique hotels located in the villages. This great variety of options makes it possible for you to choose your accommodation based on your interests: travelling with family or children, absolute peace, wellness, sports, conferences, in touch with nature, accessible tourism... We have a diverse, high-quality range to offer you.

Mercado L'Olivar

Mercat L'Olivar

Built in 1951, the fish, meat, fruit and vegetable guilds were regrouped in their own but interconnected spaces, reinforcing the feeling of spongy and organized, collective and organic space. Natural lighting was enhanced, facilitating the diffusion of light, clear and Mediterranean, throughout the building.

Pa amb oli

Pa amb oli

The recipe was documented for the first time in the 18th century by the Majorcan friar Jaume Josep Bernat Martí i Oliver, Pa amb oli is one of the most typical preparations of Mallorcan cuisine. Although it is similar to the Catalan pa amb tomàquet, it differs in the type of bread used and the amount of tomato.